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Oakley Replacement Pads

The sun shining is a wonderful thing. It makes your day so much more enjoyable. First, grab your sunglasses. Then you can enjoy your day. Broken sunglasses is the worst thing that could ruin a sunny day.

This was the moment that I suddenly realized I had lost my sunglasses. The screw from my Oakley sunglasses fell out, and the arm broke off. I was unable to wear them any more. I was sad because that meant it was time for me to say goodbye to myOakleys and get new ones. However, that meant I couldn’t afford new Oakleys at that moment.

I thought about it and decided that a replacement for the Oakley screw was possible. I began by visiting a few glasses stores to check if they had any screws. The next step was to look for places that sold screws, such as a hardware store. But no luck. I was getting tired of driving all over trying to find screws. I was about to buy a brand new pair instead of continuing to search for Oakley replacement pads that would work.

Oakley Replacement Pads

Just as I was about giving up on searching for Oakley replacement pads I discovered a website that sold Oakley screws called The screw cost less than $10. I thought to my self, why not buy some new sunglasses for a few hundred dollars? Or test it out and see how it works. I would be able to save a lot of money, and my sunglasses would look like new again.

I ordered the Oakley replacement pads and it arrived within a few business days. The entire process of installing the screws was simple. It took just a few moments and I was able again to wear my Oakleys without the need to purchase a new pair. I was happy with the purchase. My problem was solved, money was saved, I could enjoy the sun again.