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Insider Real Estate Secrets Revealed! (Educational Course for Homebuyers and Sellers) Lesson # 3

Welcome to this acute and detailed lesson. Learn as you go!

Insider Real Estate Secrets Revealed! (Educational Course for Homebuyers and Sellers)

Lesson # 3 – The Importance of Knowing the Truth about Yourself

The average homeowner has likely been exposed to countless lies and half-truths told by the “experts.” So how do you know what’s true and what isn’t? Are you going to “pull a fast one” and say something that might not be true or is this just “blown.” The bottom line is that it is imperative that you know the truth about yourself before you make key decisions such as buying or selling your home.

The question is always posed, “How do I know the truth about myself?” The answer lies in the process of knowing. Many people avoid this crucial first step because they don’t know what it’s all about. It is important that you first “know yourself” first and then you can ask the right questions. For instance, do you experience very much of emotional pain when you talk about the prices you’ve paid for your home over the years? Are you the kind of person who finds solace in the security of a home with a strong security rating and the satisfaction of knowing that your home is worth what you say it is?

The reason that that last statement is important is that it is one of the biggest factors in knowing the “truth” about your self. Because you can’t control how much pain you may or may not feel when engaged in bitching and moaning about what you’ve paid for your home over the years, this is a very personal test of the type of “Truth” you can, and should, “hold on” to. Here are a couple of things you can begin to do to begin to provideenery and affirm that you “know the truth” about yourself.

One, take stock of your personal belongings. Place them in a closet to forefront all that you’ve ever learned, believed about yourself, or carried around with you at all times. View your life from a distance–from your perspective, from your memories, from what you can remember about speaking with the most important things to you over the years. Then, after you have finished, take those items out of the closet and allow peace and quiet to spill into your life. Then, take a picture of you complete with that outfit from way back when you decided that this was who you were. Now, you might have altered your opinion or your memories of what it was all over time…but you do have an alter ego you can recognize as you view your self in the mirror. Take inventory of your new self and the things you have learned in your journey of becoming who you are.

You can also begin to focus on the good things. You can speak with friends and family to find out about what they see about you in a positive way. This is a very important thing to know as it invariably helps you “know yourself better.” You must then recognize what that emphasis is, and try to apply that knowledge wherever you can where applicable.

The third and most recent thing you can do to help yourself “knowing the truth” about yourself is to recall your highest points of self-worth. Think back to some of the happier and more successful moments you have had throughout your journey. What life lessons did you have learned that brought you happiness, success, peace, prosperity, etc. That is your personal statement. “I learned that from a book I read.” Now, that is a great classic and the sentiment is “Tell me the truth about myself.” You can also go and acquire an amortization report detailing your long-term debts, attributes, forgiven or prepayments, etc. Guess what? It’s called “Personal Loan Libra Complex” and you can read the report that was close at nothing to this “Solar Lowdown!”

Here’s an example of the type of information you can learn if you weight all these considerations.

If you are trying to sell your home, what would happen if you were able, or even eager enough, to do a personal loan Libra Complex profile of your finances. You can learn how to become a homeowner with a personal loan in about 4 hours, and with that personal loan you can get up to 70% of the money your home was valued for as a personal loan. The average interest rate for a personal loan is about 5% and the average for a home equity loan is about 5.5%…very close together. This is especially powerful if you’re trying to buy with less than 20% down payment which is usually the norm for personal loans.

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