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Cortez Hill, East Austin

Cortez Hill is a very sought after area in East Austin. Bordered byorney Creek, 11th and 32nd Streets, Cortez Hill is a slightly older neighborhood with medium home values approaching $160,000. The neighborhood is an older part of East Austin with homes built in the 1940’s-50’s settled into the low value neighborhoods in the 1980’s, resulting in somewhat sparsely settled but well kept neighborhood.

Cortez Hill is a modest neighborhood with restricted access and is very quiet due to the lack of city traffic and predominantly residential district. This makes for a very comfortable and secluded place in which to raise a family.

Mostly residential on the streets that surround this neighborhood are single family residences.

Cortez Hill homes for sale have a median home value of around $180,000- though can be slightly higher or lower depending on where they are located and the number of homes in the neighborhood. The reason the neighborhood is so sought after is that Cortez Hill has some of the most sought after schools in the city, plus an eclectic and unique neighborhood character that is a throwback to the 70’s/80’s downtown Austin. Most homes are single family but a very small number are semi-detached and a few are townhomes. Most Cortez Hill homes for sale are part of the Austin’s Westwood Estates(!) community.

What do you get for your money when you invest in Cortez Hill Homes for Sale? Well, at the time of this review, most of the area of tax assessors assessors files for CDBG/TAJAC was approximately four or 5 years back. At the time that my last review, the current tax listings for Cortez Hill showed the highest sales price and year available for Cortez Hill Homes for Sale at $ic-$mm-tional. The individual CDBG available for purchase was $mm-tional for 2200 sqft and $mm-tional for 1750 sqft.

The next highest sales price was obtained from scored homes on the South Congress bedroom district. This was $mm-tional for 1700 sqft and $mm-tional for 400 sqft. However, South Congress, which is part of the Capital City District has undergone several renovations since the early 2000’s and has a new library, a new police headquarters, a new library card office where residents obtain their library cards, and remodeled parks.

I find that Cortez Hill has a strong appeal to a wide range of people, which is always a good sign when buying a home in an urban community.

I have a personal interest in Cortez Hill because I bought a home in there: In 2004, my wife and I bought a home in Cortez Hill for $180k and have lived there ever since. During my last visit to the Northwest Austin (where my wife lives) I visited this neighborhood. The residential neighborhood is tree lined, and most homes have at least one large tree trimmed in front. There are even a few homes with multifamily units and some or condos in this very active neighborhood.

The very next neighborhood is License layouts, which is also home to many families. During my last visit, I found several homes for sale, as well as agents trying to buy some multi-family units. Homes in License layouts didn’t keep their values and were actually lower in price than those in the previous two neighborhoods. This area didn’t seem as up-and-coming or interesting, but I am glad we purchased our home there when we did because now our home is worth more than we originally paid for it.

The other new neighborhood available to my wife and I was West Austin. The neighborhood is small, only about 750 homes, and located off the former turnout road. My wife and I focused mainly on the home available for purchase within our target neighborhood range, which was 1403 sqft, and our garage is located on the same road.

About nine or ten homes were located west of the turnout road, and I noticed that many of those homes had been renovated in spots over the last ten years. Our priority in this neighborhood is to find a home in a family friendly neighborhood. Even though you have to drive over an hour to get to shops or the main road, you are still close enough to pick up supplies when you need them. Our home is centrally located within this location and we have the train close at almost any time. This is a neighborhood we will likely look into when we become serious about buying a home in Capital City.

I found 6 homes that met my target criteria during my last visit. However, not all of these homes are what I was searching for. So, if you are planning on looking at the above neighborhoods make sure you really pay attention to what you will see when you visit their respective neighborhoods.

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