Xobni Super Address Book for BlackBerry Makes its Way to Android

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Xobni has been one of the most successful contact management solutions for many platforms, starting with the Microsoft Outlook plugin and then advancing into the mobile sphere with the Super Address Book application for BlackBerry.  Xobni’s  incredible ability to index contacts has since embedded itself alongside apps like QuickLaunch as a must have productivity tool.

As you would expect from any product experiencing this kind of success the folks at Xobni have expanded their services to both Gmail and Android under the SmartrTM brand.  I have been using the Gmail add on for quite a while now and I’m quite sure that those choosing to adopt these new products will be just as excited as the BlackBerry world has been about their increased productivity.

Find all the available supported platforms at

Official statement from Xobni after the break

SAN FRANCISCO, September 27, 2011 – Xobni, the leader in email and relationship management, today introduces a new suite of products called SmartrTM to better encapsulate their growing product line. Also announced today was the public beta of the first two products under this name – Smartr Inbox for Gmail and Smartr Contacts for Android. These products are free and available for download immediately at (, and soon in the Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari app stores.

Smartr Inbox for Gmail has been in private beta (formerly Xobni for Gmail) for 6 months, and Smartr Contacts for Android (formerly Xobni for Android) went into private beta 3 months ago. Both are built on the all-new Smartr platform. “Both Gmail and Android have had a very active community of testers who have told us that these products make them smarter and more productive,” said Michael Albers, VP of Product at Xobni. “Next up for us is iPhone, but the opportunities are endless with this intelligent new platform to build new and innovative products. Stay tuned.”

Smartr Inbox is a sidebar for Gmail and Google Apps mail that makes your inbox smarter. It automatically discovers all the people you’ve ever emailed, called or SMS’d, and instantly provides a full view of each contact. The Smartr sidebar includes lightning-fast search to instantly show who your contacts are, how you know them, when you last talked, and who you have in common. In addition, you’ll see their photo, job title, company details, and updates from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Video for Smartr Inbox here.

Smartr Contacts is a free app for Android that brings the ultimate in relationship management to your phone. Contacts are easily searchable and Smartr ranks them by importance, not alphabetically. Each profile is complete with a photo, job title, company details, email history, common contacts and info from social networks. The app can be accessed on your phone home screen, via the main search bar, the widgets, or the Smartr app. Video for Smartr Contacts here.

Smartr Contacts for the iPhone is in private beta and expected to hit the Apple app store in Q4.

Earlier this year, Xobni introduced Xobni Pro, a service that now connects all Xobni and Smartr products, offering a more complete, robust and reliable way to access all your contacts, and all the information and communications you’ve had with them.

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