CMO Says Verizon supports RIM and is launching three new BlackBerry devices this year

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After all the fuss from yesterday’s less than stellar earnings call and forecast it’s nice to hear some good news about BlackBerry. BGR had an interview with Verizon’s CMO, Marni Walden, and she had some good news about RIM for all the Verizon BlackBerry fans. Here’s the question and her answer:

Where does that leave you guys with RIM? If I’m not mistaken, Verizon Wireless was at one point the largest seller of BlackBerry devices in the U.S. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but you were a very, very large partner. With the company going through a transition period, do you see Research In Motion being a strong part of your lineup in the future?

I do. RIM is still very, very important in the enterprise space. It does resonate in some of the consumer space as well, particularly with BBM. We’ll have three devices this year that we will bring to market with RIM. We’ll continue our partnership and it’ll be important for now going forward.

From her statement it seems clear that Verizon plans to focus most of their BlackBerry sales energy on enterprise sales. They also are focusing on BBM for those that come in and want a good messaging device. As far as the three new devices that they will be launching this year, we know one will be the Bold Touch 9930 and the other two are most likely the new touchscreen-only Torch 9850 and the next-generation Curve which is currently codenamed Apollo. There’s still no word on release dates but I would bet that we will see the first one launch sometime in August.

Source: BGR


Justin Lisenby
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Justin Lisenby
Justin Lisenby
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