Verizon BlackBerry Z10 Photo shoot

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Verizon Z10 main image

BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 is set to hit the United States sometime in March. It’s been officially announced by a few of the US carriers and the Z10 has passed through the FCC with internals for two different carriers. Now we are getting the first full-on photo shoot of the Verizon Z10. The Z10 looks great, except for the glaring Verizon logo on the front of the device. We’re not sure why BlackBerry allowed Verizon to double-brand the Z10 on the front and back, but it happened. Regardless of this branding, we’re sure BlackBerry fans in the US will still be eager to get their hands on this one. Check out the rest of the images past the break.

vzw-z10-2 vzw-z10-3 vzw-z10-4

Justin Lisenby
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Justin Lisenby
Justin Lisenby
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