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With so much going on in so many people’s lives right now, it’s nice to sit back and relax. Maybe it’s time for a change of pace. A new year with new resolutions, new people, and new tastes. I know personally I’m excited for all the above. My first big change this year was wiping my holiday theme off my blackberry, and picking one that completely suited my needs. Maybe right now, you’re feeling the same way as me. This week I’m bring you a few different themes that I find suit my personality, as well as the need to have a nice looking, well running phone. Check them out, after the break.

Welcome to Vision Mobility’s “Cosmic Red/Pink/Sea Green and Blue”.  Each of these themes (all sold separately)  allow the user to have everything at their fingertips. Personally I hate using my “BB” button, and prefer to have everything laid out ready for me. This theme does exactly that. You can choose over twelve different icons that are conveniently located on the home screen. The selected icon is boarded in the theme colour you want, bolding it and allowing it to stand out amongst the rest. Can’t lose the “today” section on your phone? Just hover over your calendar, or message icons and everything will appear. The only colour that does not have this feature is the blue. What the blue gains is a calendar today section with three different entries. It is a no-lag theme, and will not slow down you’re BlackBerry.

I’m not going to lie. I dream about the day when I’ll be able to sit on a beach, put my feet up, and completely enjoy myself. The Paradise Theme for the 8520 and 8530 is absolutely stunning and will keep you excited for that day. The theme is decked out in customization from colours to icons to fonts and layouts, but where this theme really stands out is the amazingly captivating wallpapers. It is simple but sweet all wrapped into one. Your home page holds an amazing shot of the blue ocean from the sky, and provides you with six custom slots for your most used applications. The icons have been simplified and make changing (with these backgrounds i don’t know why you would) your wallpaper simple. It is completely wallpaper friendly. Paradise is known to keep your device running quickly and smoothly with no lag.

No matter what Blackberry I have at the time, you will always find one theme in all of them… my Mario themes. For the Nintendo geek in all of us, having an awesome theme is extremely important. Because Mario has been around for over twenty-five years now, the amount of customization for themes is amazing. Mario OS 5 for the 9300, 8530, 8520 and 8300 series is stunning. Your home screen allows you to have your normal six home icons, as well as a pretty awesome wallpaper. The theme incorporates iconic symbols from the 80’s all the way to the present. While it’s not the friendliest wallpaper theme, everything blends together well, and users will generally find themselves going through Mario wallpapers only. (Don’t get me wrong, any wallpaper will work, but the theme is very predominant).  A lag-free theme is important to me, and this one definitely suits that need. You’ll find the customization of the theme is pretty cool, and will always surprise you will new things.

Alright, alright. Truth be told, I have my Torch completely decked out in purple. The only thing missing is a natural looking purple theme. With Be Purple Os 6, I have my dream come true. The theme is very similar to the factory installed theme, but colours itself with shades of purple (none of which are overwhelming at any time). You will notice subtle, but different icons, overlays, hourglasses, transitions and banners that are very enjoyable. Be Purple allows you to have that business, but personal feeling that most users strive for. Very wallpaper friendly, this theme allows any changes in landscape mode, with new animations on the portrait orientation view. Everything runs very smoothly in the OS 6 operating system, and rarely has any issues, or slow downs.

Well it seems you have gotten to know a little bit more about my personal tastes with my Blackberry, and I’d love to hear more of yours! Hang in there until next week when i bring you more themes to personalize your favourite little device! And now, for that contest we mentioned in the title. We are giving away 10 free themes from BlackBerry ThemePark. To enter to win one of the 10 themes you just have to make a comment on this post. The winners will be chosen at random and will receive a code for one free theme of their choice from BB ThemePark. The contest runs from today until 11:59 PST on January 27, 2011. Good Luck!

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  1. Jason Taylor says:

    count me in for a free theme! Thanks BerryFix for all the awesome contests and news!

  2. Dennis says:

    They all look good!

  3. hkwon says:

    Nice theme! I want to win one. Count me in please!