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After a wicked joke by winter, I finally feel that spring is on its way. Cars are parked on the road again, kids are outside later and longer, and it seems all the snow is disappeared. My arms are completely open to the spring and summer weather.  People will be happier, shopping more, and changing a few habits. One of my new habits will be changing  my personal Blackberry themes. My 9800 needs to be customized as often as I possibly can get it. With this I will be bringing some awesome new themes your way, so all readers can follow suit.  This week you’ll get a good taste of a theme geared more towards a male audience,  a cool spring theme applicable for anyone, and a neat twist on the familiar OS 6.0 operating system.

With that said check it out after the cut!


So a long while ago my male friend asked me to find him a nice Gucci theme. Being all smart, I found one, loaded it on his phone and thought he’d be happy. Instead, not even 20 minutes later he approached me and said there was an issue. While the theme looked nice, and worked well on the phone – it was girlie and fully of female-oriented icons. Fully loaded with purses and high heels.

I figured he was out of luck and went on to find other suitable themes for him. BUT NOW there is the perfect theme for him. Gucci for Him. This theme is completely decked out in Gucci from head to toe. You’ll find some really cool wallpapers, menus and messages. This theme even comes with customized hour glasses, notifications and progress bars. You’ll find the theme to be very wallpaper friendly, but is equipped with fitting Gucci ones. The icons are also pretty awesome, as they are ipods (music), shoes (messages), sunglasses (calendar) and cars (maps)! The theme is pretty customized throughout and anyone that loves Gucci, would LOVE this theme.


I’ve been on the lookout for a cool colourful theme with an awesome wallpaper. I don’t know why it was so important to me, but it was. A Spring Fling suits everything I want in a new theme. Currently only available for Touch screens, this theme stands out from the rest. The Theme works with beautiful bold colours, and transparent gray docks, so users can get a cool 3D effect on their phone. The transparency also allows users to customize their wallpaper as they please. Icons on the phone completely “pop” with their bright colours and cool replacements pictures. Complete with hotspot to the app screen, this unit also contains a single non-hidden weather slot. Users are talking about fast the theme is, and no lag has been reported.

Interested in this theme?


This week I introduce you to C point 1. This theme is an awesome application that bring your familiarity and personality. Completely wallpaper friendly, users can customize this theme to look the way they want. Complete with new icons, banners and highlights,  Cpoint1 does not take away any features from the new operating system. Users will find this theme clean and fast – perfect for day-to-day usage.  C_86 (the developer) uses familiar, but bright colours to make this theme stand out a  little bit more. A weather slot is available for any user who enjoys having that option available to them. For users who want familiar, with a little touch of personality, this theme is perfect.

Well that’s it for me this week everyone. Be sure to check theberryfix.com for all your daily Blackberry needs and information – and check every Tuesday and Friday for app and theme reviews! As always feedback is always welcomed and encouraged!

See you all next week!

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