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Hey Everyone! March is finally over, and we’re quickly moving on to April showers and then May flowers. What better way to celebrate Spring then get your Blackberry all springed-out! I’m bringing you some themes that will brighten up and make your Blackberry a little more useful, as well as a favourite theme I found.

Check them out after the cut!

The first theme I picked is strictly for Torch users. Sometimes some of my favourite themes are not available for the Torch, so this week I picked one specifically designed for it. Colorful Life brings so many fun aspects to your theme. The background uses an awesome display of different colours to bring out it’s personality. It’s bright – and not overbearing, a change – but not too drastic, and fun – but not overpowering. Your battery and signal strength are in distinct percentage modes found in a colourful font on the top left and right hand corners – respectively.  Your highlighted options are found in shades of orange and pink, while all pop-up backgrounds are white. As you can see in the picture above, all of your icons are customized – my favourite part of a theme. Nothing is too different than your default theme in terms of layout, but users will quickly fall in love with the speed and lack of lag with Colorful Life.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I loved the movie Tron. So every time I see a Tron theme pop-up I immediately take a look at it. This one particularly caught my eye. Preset with a Tron Legacy ringtone, this theme immediately sets itself out from the others. The developers have made the icons, and nature of the theme feel completely 3D. All menus are transparent – so your backgrounds and icons stand out ever more! If you already have a quick launch application, this them will appeal to you more, bringing you the spacebar as a quick launch button. With this theme you’ll find your default settings, such as battery, wi-fi, and signal strength, on the top left corner. The date and time are located in the centre, and a clock also showing the time is located on the right. Most icons have been customized to suit the Tron Legacy Theme.  Screen transitions are also including in the theme, making it that much more amazing. With additional hidden today and a weather slot, this theme is sure to win your heart over.


Fuctional, functional, functional. This is all we really want from our themes right? We want the ability to have a touch of personalization (or a lot of personalization) without risking our BB being fast and functional. After all – without that our Blackberry would be boring.  The Executive Focus Theme for the Bold is everything we could want. The theme immediately stands out by offering 18 different icon options.  Located on the very bottom are six customizable icons, put any application you want in these stand out slots. On top of those six applications are 12 non-changeable  default icons. The top 12 cannot be customized, but offer you many of the daily used applications. (While this can seem like a downfall to many, most of these applications you use on a constant basis, and it’s actually pretty awesome not having to search through the menu for them). On the top banner bar, the theme can hold over 10 notification icons, opposed to the normal 4 or 5.  Users can pick any background they’d like for any of the screen settings. All wallpapers are flush and move fluidly throughout the transitions. As picky as I am about customizable icons, the developers here have stuck with 4.5 icons, as the theme allows a familiar transition where I believe it works amazingly.  Many will worry that this theme will slow down their Blackberry, but with it’s small size it will prove to do nothing of the kind. You BB will be just as fast and smooth as it was before the theme.

Well that’s it for me and my theme again this week. I hope you find at least one of these themes suits your wants and needs – if not more. I’ll be back Tuesday bringing your some pretty cool reviews on new applications I love. Thanks for checking the reviews out!

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