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A theme review on my birthday! How fitting. I get to celebrate my birthday and share some awesome new themes with you. This week I was drawn to themes that were comfortable, but new and fun. I brought you themes that have a slight change from your comfortable default theme, right to a theme literally flipped thirty degrees. I without a doubt have fallen in love with these three themes here for you today.

With no further delay – I bring you this weeks theme review!….. After the cut!


The CalmStyle theme is for anyone looking for just that tad bit of customization on their Blackberry. The background is the dark original black, suitable for any personalized wallpaper, along with the blue highlighting we are all used to. All icons have been customized, and most have a cool 3-D effect. The theme is very close to the default theme, but has it’s own personality. Perfect for those users who are happy with what they have, but are craving just that little bit more.


Need something a little different but something very functional? Then Refresh is the perfect theme for you. This theme has many different customizable options, leaving users completely satisfied. The backgrounds are all very suiting and calm, completely fitting the theme. One thing that definitely stood out to me was the boarding of all the options. It is made so it blends well, but also exaggerates the important  aspects. Almost every icon will open up a new menu, such as the three top user defined icons – say mail and alarm – click the mail, and your mailbox will open up, time and your clock will open. Both your battery and your signal metre will open up as well, giving you the details you need. With the sliding dock feature, users can have up to eighteen defined applications.  Your fonts, icons and wallpapers are all customizable, and all popup menus are clean and crisp looking. Currently there are no known lags or bugs with the theme, so you’re definitely getting your moneys worth!


Need a little something more futuristic looking for your BB? Want a theme that fits your personality perfectly – and that’s functional? If you answered yes to either of these then this theme is for you. FutureBerry brings you some awesome new designs that run smoothly with no lag.  Users have the ability to customize twelve different icons on the home screen, and have their most important information located on the bottom of the screen.  Developers have essentially taken what you love and flipped it to make it a little more unique.  The green background gives a matrix feel, but suits everything very well. Because all of the icons are transparent, any wallpaper can be used. Users love how different the theme is from any other theme out there.

Thanks for checking me out this week guys, and remember to check back on Tuesday for an all new app review!

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