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Hey guys, Steph here! This week I’m bringing you creative, fun, and cool themes for your BB. The themes i’ve gone through this week all have something that stands right out to me. It may be something different, something that caught my eye, or just something that adds a little bit more personality to your phone. Check out all of this week’s featured themes past the break!

All throughout university, when i didn’t have something to do, I turned to Scrapbooking. I loved making creative aspects to my daily life, and they live on everyday. I couldn’t imagine the ability to have something like that on my Blackberry. Low and behold, here it is – The ScrapBook Theme for BB. This theme decorates in stickers, boarders and new fonts.  The main boarder adjusts itself around any picture you choose. New fun icons are available on this theme, and really stand out when using your phone. The ruler located on the right hand side of the screen is your signal metre, and moves on and off the screen as your signal grows and fades. With the portrait style theme, it really stands out from the rest. You have have up to seven icons on your home screen, including a weather slot. ScrapBook is not known to slow down any devices, or have any lag.


The next theme immediately caught my eye with the way it stands right out. The user chooses whether they want the “L” shaped theme or whether they want the traditional “zen” format. The theme is very clean with no lag, and holds many different features. If you want the theme to have the “Today” aspect, you can… if not, you don’t have to. You will find that the application size for this phone is smaller than most, making it run quicker. The icons are mostly customized, but are “neoned” for the theme. Users may use any wallpaper they want, but are semi-limited to things that will look and feel good. Almost everything else is pretty similar to the default theme, but still looks awesome.


This theme made me laugh as soon as i took a look at everything it has to offer. The little BBM icon is two little guys dressed in suits, with a briefcase wearing MIB (men in black) sunglasses. The games icon consists of the old-school Nintendo controller. Need your camera? Take a look at the SLR icon. Lastly I giggled at the Remote that is for your “phone” icon. And that’s simply the surface, there are so many more fun icons located within this theme. The theme is dark – all black backgrounds, and all icons highlight red. The wallpaper provided looks as if it’s leather. The Theme provides a spot for four on screen icons, and optional hidden today for the calendar and new messages. It runs well with no known lag, and seems to always please its users. Users may customized any background they choose, as any will suit it well. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Well that’s a wrap for me this week. I hope you all enjoy the themes I brought you, and that it will add a little bit more “fun” in your phone. As always, I will be back next week bringing you the latest apps and themes!

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