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Well, after a long break I’m back. I traveled for over two weeks, and really got to learn a lot about different cultures. I got the opportunity to  walk into different phone companies around the coast, and explore new devices not yet released in Canada or the US. I spoke to a few different people on what device they prefer, sell, and use, but was not surprised with the result. Seemed to be a pretty even split between iPhone users and Blackberry users.

Out of the BB users I spoke to, they all focused on a particular favourite over the iPhone – personalization. Like me, and most users reading this, they enjoy adding themes and applications, and having fun with their device. It’s what really stood out to me the most. I’ve been using the same theme for a while now, and really loved it. Now it’s time for a change. This week I’m going to bring you some themes I think everyone will enjoy. Some are for the fun/childish side of life, but some are for the ones with business phones, who want to keep it professional.

Check them out under the cut!

My first theme I bring to you, really brings out the Disney lover in me. It’s been a while since I could find a Disney theme I was cool with flaunting. This particular one many people fell in love with, which is why i’m showing it to you today.

Monsters INC. really brings out the kid in all of us. The movie was a hit, and this theme follows suit. You get your familiar icons and layout, with a touch of fun. The theme contains a few classic scenes from the movie, and look awesome on every phone. Users get two custom “Boo’s” on the top of the phone, which makes the theme stand out that much more. You’ll appreciate the familiarity of the theme, especially when adjusting to the new OS software. Current owners of the theme state that the developers are extremely efficient and helpful when it came to any issues they encountered.

This next theme will be appreciated by those who prefer a little something different, but still want a touch of normalcy on their Blackberry. It stands right out, but isn’t difficult to learn. Check out “Something Blue”.

“Something Blue” has been quoted as “a theme with a clean look, and nice icons” – and that’s just what it is. The background is a dark grey and black with a hint of blue and white. It gives the user a five iconed base at the top left with a hidden dock holding six more icons. Full of custom backgrounds and new sharp icons, the theme looks sleek and business-like, allowing you to have a taste of both worlds. Your icons pop and stand right out, but not in an overbearing way. Something Blue gives you the opportunity to have your OS 6, but tweet it in a way to make it your own. Two hot keys are found “space” and “esc”, which will launch you into your hidden dock. You have access to a weather slot, profile icon, connections and clocks right from your main screen!

It’s not often that I really find a theme I love, that’s very very different, but this next one I just can’t help but love. “Vintage” is a cool theme that changes the way you think of a Blackberry. It’s bright, colourful, fun, different, and most importantly – functional. Check out the theme that will change your BB forever.

I present to you: Vintage. This theme is one of the most functional themes i’ve ever seen. Every icon you see on your poster screen is a button leading you into it’s application. Any application missing can be launched from the quicklaunch button on the top… how much easier can it really get? You have an information dock that slides out with all your normal connection/time information. When you open your quick launch option, the phone turns into the familiar BB you know all too well. Your battery icon is a cool little happy face and the signal bar is found on the bottom of the screen. This theme is a must-have for all BB users.

I really hope you enjoy the themes I have shown you today. They are some of the coolest ones I’ve seen yet, and will make anyone happy. Personalize your BB with these themes, and you’ll never go back to your old original theme again.

Check back again next week for some awesome applications and themes!

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