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This week I decided to take a look at a few different themes that I thought were pretty cool. Whether they have fun icons, backgrounds or layouts, each theme offers something awesome and new. Many themes are very vivid and vibrant, making your BB look cool and fresh.

Check’em out after the cut!

My first theme is one I’ve passed a few times, but keep coming back to. There has to be a reason right? Yes there is. This theme stands out in its own way which intrigues me in many different ways. National Geographic Animated Livescreen, has some pretty cool features. The theme immediately comes with five stunning backgrounds chosen from NG’s “best of” gallery. All icons have been customized as to suit the National Geographic feel, as well as an integrated global and local weather slot. Complete with NG personalized ringtones and links, this theme has everything you could want.


Next on my list was something bright. I wanted something that made my icons stand out, but wouldn’t kill my eyes. I’m obsessed with the colour purple, so anything that colour would make me happy. I then found 4G indigo 9800 for my Torch…. love at first sight. The theme mimics its competitor (iphone 4) in a small fashion. All the icons have been customized but are those found on the iPhone. The bright purple will immediately grab your attention, but does not fall into tacky neon colours. The contrast between the two are very high, but looks awesome. Users define their own fonts, and can change wallpapers at anytime. All icons can be placed in customizable order, making it a little more personalized. The theme has been tested, and proven to not have any memory leaks – for those that may be concerned. Overall the theme is fast and would be a great new theme for anyone looking for a little brightness on their Blackberry.


Vivid OS6 is my next theme I was so excited to show you all. It not only have a very vivid and bright wallpaper, it also is a beautiful picture. As you can see you have a new battery metre and some other new icons to enjoy. With the contrast, a lot of the icons have a 3D feel, making it stand out that much more. Vivid has been completely customized and developers have ensured what could be customized  – is. All call screens, menus and texting screens have all been themed. If you’re looking for a reliable fun new theme with tons of customization, Vivid is for you!

Well I’m gone for the week! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and please check back Monday for my awesome app reviews! Thanks for checking the themes out!

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