The power of BlackBerry and the UI of iOS – iLike by Bbt Designs

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Jul 29, 2011 | Comments


The hottest selling themes today tend to be themes that replicate another mobile OS operating system like Android or iOS. While some do a decent job there are a few that stand out and really bring the power of the BlackBerry os and the look of another mobile os together. One that has stood out for me is iLike from Bbt Designs.

They’ve created a theme that has a 100% custom written UI and it’s slick. iLike transforms your BlackBerry into visually stunning UI and a powerhouse that we’ve come to love. iLike is available in ShopTheBerryFix.com for $5.99 and is available on almost every BlackBerry model out there, so check it out!

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