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Xobni Super Address Book for BlackBerry Makes its Way to Android

posted by Jake at on Sep 27, 2011 | Leave a comment

Xobni has been one of the most successful contact management solutions for many platforms, starting with the Microsoft Outlook plugin and then advancing into the mobile sphere with the Super Address Book application for BlackBerry.  Xobni’s  incredible ability to index contacts has since embedded itself alongside apps like QuickLaunch as a must have productivity tool.

As you would expect from any product experiencing this kind of success the folks at Xobni have expanded their services to both Gmail and Android under the SmartrTM brand.  I have been using the Gmail add on for quite a while now and I’m quite sure that those choosing to adopt these new products will be just as excited as the BlackBerry world has been about their increased productivity.

Find all the available supported platforms at http://www.xobni.com/

Official statement from Xobni after the break


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Xobni for BlackBerry updated to v2.0.11

posted by Zach Gilbert at on May 5, 2011 | Leave a comment

Logo blackonwhite

I will admit everyone at Theberryfix.com are avid Xobni users and it’s the first application I install on a new BlackBerry, so when the Xobni team let me know that they’ve update the application to v2.0.11 I hit the download button immediately.

New Features/Functionality

  • Free users can now also enjoy the Universal Search functionality (w/ daily limits)
  • Edits in native BB address book now are updated in Xobni
  • A users account is temporarily locked after 5 failed login attempts (when user is logged out)
  • Added a “show password” checkbox on login screen to assist with small keyboard typing
  • Added low memory state manager, to detect when device is low on memory
  • Ability to restart a stopped contact scan due to server issues

UI Updates

  • Edit contact details improvements and refinements
  • Edit recipient screen improvements for composing emails and ability to set cc:, bcc:
  • Xobni Pro icon shown for Pro users in all screens
  • Improvements on forgot password dialog
  • “Xobni Cloud” now used through app for updating Xobni Cloud
  • Added a loading spinner to the LinkedIn login page for OS 5.0 and higher

Search & Ranking Improvements

  • Search refinements for improved search recall and ranking
  • Improvement to ranking to avoid new contacts from showing up too high in ranking
  • Improvement on phone number parsing for 6.0 devices
  • Merging improvements on initial load
  • Ability to search for suffix titles (e,g: Dr., Mr., etc.)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • International character (UTF-8) fix when posting updates, for foreign characters support
  • Improvements and potential fix for email loss on app deletion/install
  • Fix to be able to add Xobni contacts to bcc line
  • Logout and login no longer prompts users to choose email accounts
  • Login screen retry and error handling improvements
  • Speed improvement for LinkedIn and Facebook profile rendering
  • Fix for pictures taken on touchscreen device to be incorrectly rotated
  • Only emails composed from Xobni, have Xobni signature appended (when on)
  • Fix for properly showing the date of a meeting in Xobni for recurring meetings
  • Loading spinner on facebook tab now detects if no profile match was found
  • Fix for handling snooze correctly during initial contact loading & later resume loading
  • Expanding the network section now selects the 1st member in the network
  • Various improvements and fixes

If you already have Xobni they the update should be live and if you haven’t picked up xobni yet then head over to ShopTheBerryFix.com and pick up your copy for the low, low price of $1.99.

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Xobni for Gmail Arrives in Private Beta; Xobni for Android and iPhone Moving to Beta Soon

posted by Jake at on Mar 18, 2011 | Leave a comment

I know what you are thinking….. “why am I writing this post when the word BlackBerry is nowhere to be found in the title”, right? I am letting you know about this development because I think this will make Xobni’s well known talent for indexing email and social communication a whole lot more relevant to the daily lives of many BlackBerry users. For a long time my interest in Xobni was minimal for one reason, I hate Microsoft Outlook. I have been a Google Apps user since shortly after it rolled out and find that a unified inbox is far more valuable to me in the cloud where I can access it from any one of my multiple computers or any machine with internet access, so knowing how murky my inbox can get I am personally very excited about this announcement. Since I am a dual platform smartphone user I think it’s exciting that they are rolling out support for other devices as well and I’m sure that Xobni will continue to excel as the industry’s leading tool to integrate your vast network of contacts and bring them into an easily accessible location.

To find out more about these beta releases and get on the list check out the links below:

Xobni beta for Gmail

If you don’t already have Xobni on your BlackBerry find it in our store HERE

Press Release:

San Francisco, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 18, 2011

Xobni, the relationship management service that creates rich contact profiles to help you manage all your business and personal relationships in email and mobile, today announced a private beta for its highly-anticipated product for Gmail and Google Apps – Xobni for Gmail. The product is free and helps users find and easily manage contacts. Xobni will move its Android and iPhone apps into beta for users to test within 90 days. People interested in testing any of these new products can request access to the beta versions on Xobni’s website.


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Review: Xobni Super Address Book Pro For BlackBerry

posted by Justin Lisenby at on Feb 4, 2011 | Leave a comment


Xobni Super Address Book for BlackBerry is an application that takes the place of the native BlackBerry contacts list. Xobni bills itself as the “Super Address Book,” and it more than meets this claim. Xobni ranks your contacts based on how often and what type of communication you use with them. Read on past the break for a full review of Xobni and its amazing features.


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Xobni Super Address Book Pro Is The ShopTheBerryFix.com Deal Of The Day

posted by Justin Lisenby at on Feb 4, 2011 | Leave a comment

Xobni Pro, the Super Address Book for BlackBerry, is the deal of the day at ShopTheBerryFix.com. You can get all the great features of the Xobni Pro address book for 50% off the list price of $1.99. Purchase Xobni Pro for just .99 cents today only.

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Xobni Has Been Downloaded Over 100,000 Times In 2 Weeks!

posted by Justin Lisenby at on Feb 1, 2011 | Leave a comment

Xobni, the address book that adjusts to how you use your contacts, has officially been downloaded over 100,000 times. That’s over 100,000 people that have started enjoying all the benefits of the Xobni address book in just the past 2 weeks. Xobni takes your default address book and supercharges it, giving you access to your most used contacts first. Xobni is available in a free version and a pro version. The pro version will run you $1.99 at ShopTheBerryFix.com. You can look for a full review of the Xobni application later this week here at TheBerryFix.com. The team from Xobni has sent over a press release which is included after the break.


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Xobni For BlackBerry Updated To Xobni Pro Also Brings Xobni Free

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Jan 12, 2011 | Leave a comment


A few weeks back we announced Xobni as our readers choice awards runner up for 2010 and now they have just announced a major update to their application. The update brings features like BlackBerry 6 universal search integration, Xobni contact export to BlackBerry contact, Delete Xobni contact and a whole lot more like;

  • Search by Company/Title – Leveraging the social and Outlook contact details from Xobni, search for Company or Title (Pro only).
  • Contact Sharing – Share full contact details, emails/phone numbers via email or SMS (OS 6.x). Xobni users will see a notification dialog in Xobni.

Other Application updates/improvements:

  • Phone number extraction updates and improvements
  • Meetings will show a 2 week past/forward timeframe for meetings
  • Ability to delete contacts via the hidden contacts view under options
  • Pro users will see a “Xobni Pro” icon
  • Activation menu item was added to activate from home screen
  • Search enhancements and improvements
  • Updated contact support and report feedback section
  • Selecting phone call or SMS log shows a details dialog
  • Email and phone icons have been updated
  • Stability and performance improvements

Along side this massive update Xobni has announced they will be releasing a free version of their popular BlackBerry app. The free version is limited to a few core features but you will still be able to benefit from the awesome address book powered by Xobni.

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Xobni Drops Their BlackBerry App To .99 Cents In Celebration Of TheBerryFix Best BlackBerry Apps of 2010

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Jan 4, 2011 | Leave a comment


To celebrate placing second in our readers choice awards Xobni is offering our readers an even better discount than we could offer. Xobni is going to sell their app in TheBerryFix.com store for only .99cents! Now that sounds awesome as it is but what’s even better is that their app originally sells for $9.99 then it was discounted for the holidays to $1.99, so we are undercutting the holiday price! So here are the details for getting the best contact manager for BlackBerry (and yes it is better then the stock app). Head over to ShopTheBerryFix.com and enter in coupon “THEBERRYFIXAWARD” and just like magic you will save some cash-ola.

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TheBerryFix.com 2010 Readers Choice Awards Best BlackBerry App Of 2010 Poll Breakdown

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Jan 3, 2011 | Leave a comment

TheBerryFix.com Readers Choice 2010.jpg

Last week we ended the first ever TheBerryFix.com Readers Choice App Awards, and with such a huge turnout I wanted to break it down to percentages giving the developers a chance to see were they stand in the community. As we stated before DriveSafe.ly took the cake and came in first place receiving over 28% of the votes, but take a look at the full list below to see were you rated the top BlackBerry apps of 2010.

  • Xobni: 20.17%
  • Poynt: 16.81%
  • Qucklaunch: 10.81%
  • BeeBuzz: 7.56%
  • FaceBook for BlackBerry: 7.56%
  • Twitter for BlackBerry: 3.36%
  • Foursquare: 2.52%
  • Tether: 2.52%

So there you have it, you voted and the results are in. 2011 will be an amazing year, with new apps and new BlackBerry devices for us to play with. So stay tuned and locked to TheBerryFix.com!


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Xobni Offers Up A Sweet Holiday Promotion – Now Only $1.99!

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Dec 3, 2010 | Leave a comment

If you ask any of the staff here at TheBerryFix.com what is the most important app on their BlackBerry the’re bound to say Xobni. Not just because their offering up a sweet holiday promotion and selling the app for only $1.99 (down from 9.99), but because it makes your life easy and more productive. If you still dont know what Xobni is head over to their site and do a little research and I’m sure your going to enjoy what it brings to the table.

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Happy Birthday! TheBerryFix.com Turns One….Prizes, Prizes and more Prizes!

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Nov 15, 2010 | Leave a comment

I’m truly speechless right now. Today marks the day that TheBerryFix.com opened it’s doors to the public and I’m extremely excited for this week. But first I would like to do a blurb. The site wouldn’t have been what it is today without our loyal readers and tipsters (you know who you are), our team of editors new and old, and all our partners that we work with us to ensure everyone gets the latest BlackBerry news and info on all the cool accessories that you can use with them. One thing I can’t forget to say is that we couldn’t be here without the People at RIM who make the devices we all drool over, so this is also a shout out to everyone up in Waterloo making BlackBerry and also a few that I have worked closely with at RIM are quite important to us and our success.

Okay, so enough of the sappy stuff lets get to the Birthday gifts!! Starting today you will see a new giveaway a day from one of our favorite brands (Powermat, Xobni, Coveroo just to name a few). The contest details are as normal post one comment on the giveaway article and please remember that duplicate posts will be disqualified and we will contact you to get all your shipping details. Let the Birthday party begin!!!!

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Xobni Gets Updated to v1.0.88.9 and Receives BlackBerry 6 Support

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Nov 9, 2010 | Leave a comment

To view this video on your BlackBerry or other mobile device, Click Here.

One of my favorite apps for BlackBerry..beside BerryBuzz, is Xobni. Xobni is what I like to call a smart contact list. Most people including me don’t like having thousands of contacts in my address book, I talk to a few people everyday and those I need a full contact card for. With Xobni you can have thousands of contacts on your BlackBerry without having them on you BlackBerry, sounds odd I know. What Xobni does is it looks at all your emails and finds everyone in them, all their names and phone numbers and makes a Xobni contact so you have them at the touch of a botton. If I had to pick out one feature of this app and call it my favorite I would have to pick how it puts everyone in order of importance, say I talk to Justin a lot he would be at the top of my Xobni list, but say I email my brother less then Justin he would go below. This would work on all your contacts providing you with a easy way to manager your life.

Today the team from Xobni let me know that they have updated their app to v, the update will bring some much needed changes like BlackBerry 6 support, easier to follow setup guide;

  • On OS 6.x devices touching the Xobni bar or flick up works on compose, reply and forward actions
  • Updated High-Definition icons
  • Touch scrolling enhanced for optimized scrolling experience
  • Editing is aware of virtual keyboard display and formats content shown on remaining screen
  • Xobni bar not showing up in some cases now handled
  • Add picture for contacts via camera

These are just a few of the many upgrades and changes to Xobni. If your looking to give the app a try you can, just download the app onto you BlackBerry from Xobni.com and let the app go to work.

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Xobni For BlackBerry Smartphones Drops The Beta Title

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Mar 17, 2010 | Leave a comment

On your Blackberry? To view the video from your mobile device click here

The day is finally here, after months of beta testing Xobni for Blackberry is here. Now some of you are probably saying “Zach what is Xobni??” well let me explain, Xobni is an address book for your BlackBerry that bases the order of contacts on your interaction with them, so instead of having your contact Amanda Appleton at the top because of the alphabet you may have Zain as your first contact because you communicate with him more often. So by now your thinking “WOW Xobni sounds pretty cool” yep I know so head over to Xobni.com/mobile and get in the loop.

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