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RIM details the BlackBerry Platform Roadmap leading to BlackBerry 10

posted by Justin Lisenby at on Feb 29, 2012 | Leave a comment

This morning at Mobile World Congress, Tim Neil, Director of Application, Platform, and Tools Product Management at RIM, went over the BlackBerry Platform Roadmap. The roadmap starts all the way back with BlackBerry OS 5, where HTML 5 integration first came to the BlackBerry Platform. Development for BlackBerry OS 5, 6, and 7 all use both Java and HTML 5 as the basis for development.

With the PlayBook; however, RIM changed up the available development platforms for BlackBerry. HTML 5 is still included, but Java is now a thing of the past. The other development platforms for the PlayBook and OS 2.o include QNX Native and Adobe AIR and Flash. When BlackBerry 10 launches for both Smartphones and the PlayBook, it will allow for development with all the current developer tools and it will add in the new, TAT-designed, Cascades UI Framework that we have seen RIM demo in the past.

Read on past the break for more information on what’s coming with BlackBerry 10.


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Check out the future of Wireless Document Sharing – Designed by TAT for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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[To view this video on your BlackBerry, Click Here]

We have heard in the past that TAT (The Astonishing Tribe, for those that don’t know) and RIM were working together to create a wireless document sharing system for the PlayBook. Well, this app is no longer just a rumor, but now a working concept application for the PlayBook. In the video above, brought to you by BBNews.pl, some TAT employees at Mobile World Congress are showing off their concept app for wireless document sharing via the BlackBerry PlayBook.

I could talk about the app here; however, you really need to check the video out to see how amazing this new concept is. There’s no official word on the name or availability of this app, but as awesome as this feature is, we sure hope RIM can get it packaged and pushed out to users sometime soon. We think this app is a huge step into the future. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Source : BBNews.pl

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Research In Motion looking to Samsung for a buyout?!

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Jan 17, 2012 | Leave a comment

Oh, the rumors keep circling RIM like sharks, and the latest rumor comes from BGR’s Jonathan Geller. In this latest rumor Geller goes on to say that his trusted sources have informed him that RIM is looking to sell off part, or all of their company to the best candidate. Apparently, according to the trusted sources, that is Samsung.

While RIM has firmly said that they are not looking to sell the company and believe that BlackBerry 10 and what they have in the pipes will “leap-frog the competition”, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a few rumors from trusted sources that are familiar with the matter make comments. Now looking at the this one in particular, I’m going to have to say it’ll be a cold day in Canada when RIM sells to another company. It’s the Canadian passion, and you heard it from the rumors of the Amazon buyout, RIM isn’t looking to sell the company and I don’t think anything has changed. We’ve reached out to RIM for a comment on this, though they were not immediately available for a comment. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts, curious to read what the BlackBerry Nation has to say about this.

Source : BGR

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PlayBook ScrapBook app updated to version 1.2 in BlackBerry App World

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Sep 30, 2011 | Leave a comment

Scarp Book 1.2 upadet

Looks like RIM is pushing the latest version of their Scrapbooking app for the PlayBook into App World. As usual, a change log has not been provided, but I’m sure they added a few more backgrounds and some new stickers to apply to your creations. Hit App Word on the PlayBook and see if the update is available for you.

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ScrapBook app for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.1.04

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Jul 14, 2011 | Leave a comment

PlayBook Scrapbooking app

The minute that RIM announced they were acquiring The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) I knew that they would produce some visually stunning apps, and they have yet to let me down. Now the first app they’ve submitted to App World is the Scrapbooking app, nothing to crazy but a visually appealing app for your tablet. By now you have probably been prompted to update the application on your PlayBook and you’ll notice you now have a few new features like the ability to,

  • Share Scrapbooks on facebook wall
  • New postcard and summer themes
  • Multitasking
  • Delete scrapbooks

So if you have the app enjoy and if you haven’t downloaded it yet hit up the link below and start creating.

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TheBerryFix.com Weekly Recap

posted by Team BerryFix at on Jul 10, 2011 | Leave a comment




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TheBerryFix.com Podcast Episode 22 State of the Union

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Jul 1, 2011 | Leave a comment

Well looks like after a 5 month podcast hiatus we are back in action brining you the latest episode I like to call “State of the union”. In this episode we discuss where RIM and BlackBerry Stand and what needs to change to bring BlackBerry back to it’s rightful place as number one smartphone. Listen in as this episode is our best yet.

Update regarding comment made during podcast about AT&T and the PlayBook bridge app.

** Note: AT&T users must have a tethering plan included with their wireless service plan to take advantage of the Bridge Browser. To enable tethering on your BlackBerry smartphone, go to att.com/mywireless or dial 611.

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TheBerryFix.com Podcast: Episode 021 BBM 6 and TAT Frenzzzy

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Feb 23, 2011 | Leave a comment

TheBerryFix Radiologo

The last few weeks have just flown by and we are back with yet another recording of TheBerryFix.com Radio Show. In this episode things get a little heated as I talk about product cycles and start to use a sound board when things get a little out of hand. If loud noises are not your fancy then I suggest you sit this one out.

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RIM Shows Off A WebWorks Created App By TAT On The BlackBerry PlayBook

posted by Justin Lisenby at on Feb 17, 2011 | Leave a comment

To View this Video on your BlackBerry or other Mobile Device, Click Here.

Yesterday we saw one of the first BlackBerry PlayBook creations by The Astonishing Tribe, The Scrapbook App. Now RIM is showing off another app made by TAT. This app is called “Aura” and is a weather application for the PlayBook. Not only is RIM using tis video to showcase some of TAT’s work, but it also shows some of the power and features of RIM’s new WebWorks development environment. Using web codes such as HTML5 and CSS, WebWorks allows any developer familiar with website coding to create apps for the PlayBook. Both of these apps look great, and if they are any indication of what’s to come for the PlayBook, we should all be pretty excited.

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RIM Releases Video Of TAT’s First PlayBook Project: The BlackBerry Scrapbook App

posted by Justin Lisenby at on Feb 16, 2011 | Leave a comment

RIM acquired The Astonishing Tribe a few months back and we have yet so see anything from them. Until today… RIM has released a video of an app that TAT has been working on for the PlayBook. The app looks great and functions amazingly. Check it out above to see some of the future of BlackBerry PlayBook apps.

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TAT The Astonishing Tribe Joins The Team At Research In Motion

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Dec 2, 2010 | Leave a comment

To view this video on your BlackBerry or other mobile device, Click Here.

If you think RIM was done with acquisitions after QNX, than your wrong. Today RIM announced plans for the team from TAT to join Research In Motion  to work on the BlackBerry PlayBook and their smartphone line. If you haven’t heard of TAT thats okay, because your probably not alone. TAT is known for their work mainly on the android platform where they create live wallpapers and compelling rich 2D and 3D user interfaces and widgets. The video above isn’t of any current product but more of how TAT see’s the smartphone and its user interface. This is what RIM had to say about their acquisition of TAT,

Today we are pleased to confirm plans for The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) team to join Research In Motion (RIM). We’re excited that the TAT team will be joining RIM and bringing their talent to the BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphone platforms.

For those who don’t know, TAT is renowned for their innovative mobile user interface (UI) designs and has a long history of working with mobile and embedded technology. TAT focuses on delivering great user experiences, from a design, technology, and usability perspective. Their design technology is used today in a variety of industries including the consumer electronics and automotive sectors.

– David Yach, Chief Technology Officer at RIM

Things are really starting to look interesting for RIM, because now you have the power of QNX and the stunning UI that TAT brings to the game, things are unstoppable. What to you think of TAT joining RIM? A useless acquisition? Or is it the next generation of RIM and we don’t even know it.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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