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Free Gift Cards Available from Best Buy & RadioShack for BlackBerry Z10 Pre-orders

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AT&T BlackBerry Z10 pre-orders

If you’re a US-based BlackBerry fan looking to get your hands on the coming BlackBerry Z10, pre-ordering from your carrier may seem like the logical route. We can tell you; however, that with the deals available from Best Buy and RadioShack, you may look to pre-order your Z10 through them instead. If you pre-order your Z10 from either outlet, in-store orders only, you are eligible for a free gift card. The Best Buy card is worth $50 and the RadioShack card is worth $30.

This offer is only available for AT&T Z10 pre-orders, since no other carriers have opened up orders. Rumor has it that both Verizon and Sprint will be opening up pre-orders sometime in the next week, with their release dates being on, or very near, March 22nd. We’ll let you know as soon as something official on these dates comes along.

Source : Crackberry

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BlackBerry Z10 Preview Page Now Live at Best Buy USA

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Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 1.36.55 PM

With just a few short days till March, it only makes sense that carriers and retailers in the US would begin preparing for the coming launch of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10. Best Buy is the latest to start preparations, putting up a preview page on their website. This page has some interactive features and gives you an extremely good overview of what the Z10 has to offer. There’s no discussion of carriers, pricing, or release dates; however, having a page up is progress. Expect to see the Z10 hit US shores sometime between mid- and late March.

Source : BBOS

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Grab a Bold 9900/9930 for just $99 at Best Buy

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RIM is running a promotion with Best Buy on the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. From now until June 9th, you can grab a brand new Bold 9900 or 9930 on either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint for just $99. That’s right, for just $99 and a 2-year contract, you can get a brand new Bold. They are also running a promotion on the Torch 9810, allowing you to get this BlackBerry for free on AT&T with a 2-year contract. There’s no word on whether these are online-only or if these deals will carry over into the stores, as well. If you’re looking for a new BlackBerry, there’s no better time than now to get one.

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BlackBerry PlayBook tops the sales charts at Future Shop and Best Buy Canada

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On the heels of the PlayBook OS 2.0 launch, PlayBook sales and app development are doing better than ever. RIM has just let us know about 2 awesome achievements for the PlayBook. First, the BlackBerry PlayBook was the #1 best-selling for this week. Second, the PlayBook was the top selling tablet at Future Shop this past week. These are both huge achievements for the PlayBook, especially when you consider these two retail locations. Both shops push sales of the Apple iPad and Kindle Fire, and seeing the PlayBook beat out both of these tablets says a lot for OS 2.0.

In addition to the PlayBook sales news, RIM also let us know a little more about application development for the PlayBook. About 6,225 apps have been submitted to App World for approval. A large majority of these applications come from Android developers who are porting their apps to PlayBook. Many of these apps have already been approved into App World; however, there are still over 3,000 that RIM is still working to get approved. We have also seen lots of tweets from Android developers talking about how well their PlayBook apps have been selling. They are saying that more sales are happening in days and weeks in App World than they were seeing in weeks and months on the Android Market. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more good PlayBook news surfaces.

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Best Buy employee training for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 commences

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February 21st is the day that PlayBook OS 2.0 is currently slated to launch, and with that day drawing near, it’s only natural that employees who sell the PlayBook would begin training for the new OS. Best Buy has started employee training using their Learning Lounge software to get employees ready to sell PlayBooks with OS 2.0. RIM is highlighting the new Email, contacts, and calendar features, as well as the new BlackBerry Video Store, in the training information. BlackBerry Bridge will be updated sometime before the launch of OS 2.0, so we can expect that update sometime in the next few days. Who’s excited for Tuesday and PlayBook OS 2.0?

Source : CrackBerry

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PlayBook OS 2.0 launch coming February 21st? Best Buy thinks so

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We have been hearing from RIM for quite some time that PlayBook OS 2.0 would be ready and launching in February. They never gave us a specific date in February, but I have always thought it would be mid to late in the month. It’s looking like I may be right, according to Best Buy. According to BBOS, employees at Best Buy locations all around the US and Canada are being told to prepare for the rollout of the OS for PlayBook on February 21st. I have even personally called and visited a few Best Buys and gotten either late February or the exact date for February 21 as the date from employees.

We must take this with a grain of salt, especially since we all know how carrier and tech store employees tend to carry on rumors over facts. However, with PlayBook OS 2.0 being such a big launch for the company, the employees may need to be let in on it a little earlier to get prepared. This launch will be highly publicized and marketed, something we have already seen from RIM in the first month of 2012. Now, I know most were skeptical at the launch date, especially considering RIM’s less than stellar track record of product release announcements followed by delays. It looks like this time, February may be correct and RIM my hit a specified launch date for the first time in a long time. All of this combines gives us great hope in RIM and the BlackBerry for 2012. They are finally living up to customer expectations, as well as their new slogan, #BeBold.

Source : BBOS

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TheBerryFix.com Weekly Recap

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RIM confirms PlayBook price cuts via BlackBerry.com

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RIM has updated the official BlackBerry PlayBook page with some information that all aspiring PlayBook owners should know. The PlayBook is now being listed as low as $199 at various retailers across the nation. This price is for the 16 GB version of the PlayBook and pricing for the larger versions is showing as low as $248 at some shops. There’s no mention if this is a holiday sale or just a sale to spark the slow PlayBook sales rates. A list of the participating retailers is listed in the screenshot above and links to the deals can be found using the link below. If you’ve been looking to get in on the PlayBook action, now is the time to do it with prices starting at just $199.

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Best Buy cuts the BlackBerry PlayBook price down to $299

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Best Buy is the latest retailer to get into the price slashing game for the BlackBerry PlayBook. They have cut the price of the 16GB PlayBook down from the original $499 to a much more affordable price of $299. All three PlayBook models have a $200 price cut at Best Buy. There’s still no word on how long these price cuts will last, so if you’re looking to grab a PlayBook, now would be the time to do so

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BlackBerry PlayBook on sale at Best Buy

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Best Buy currently has a sale on all 3 models of the BlackBerry PlayBook. The 16GB model is currently $449.99, a savings of $50 on the regular price. The 32GB is $549.99, which is also $50 off regular price. The 64GB is on a huge sale at $549.99, a savings of $150! If you’re in the market for a new PlayBook then you’ll want to grab one from Best Buy right now! The sale runs from now through September 5th so head on over to your local Best Buy or hit the link below to grab yours from BestBuy.com.

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Pre-Order your new BlackBerry 7 Smartphone from Best Buy Canada

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It looks like Best Buy Canada has beaten all the carriers to the punch and is now the first place you can pre-order your new BlackBerry 7 Device. They have all 3 new Blackberry 7 devices available for order in-store. Thats the Bold 9900, Torch 9810, and Torch 9860 all available for pre-ordering. All you need to do to reserve yours today is grab $50 bucks and head on over to your local Best Buy Canada location. The rest of the cash will be due later on when official the prices and devices are released. If you’re dying to get your hands on a new BlackBerry 7 Smartphone then you’ll definitely want to hit up Best Buy Canada to reserve yours today.

Via: MobileSyrup

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Best Buy BlackBerry PlayBook Advertisement

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Best Buy is pushing tablets hard for the summer season, and why not(I have felt for a long time that the portability of tablets makes them a much better travel companion than  a cumbersome laptop).  This Best Buy Ad is pretty basic but I did notice they threw in a clever little bit of BlackBerry Bridge by showing a picture taken on a BlackBerry and then showing up on the PlayBook screen.  BlackBerry products had almost no ad campaign support from either RIM or 3rd party companies for so long it’s nice to see the products getting some media face time these days.

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BlackBerry PlayBook pre orders now available from Carphone Warehouse, shipping June 16th

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Screen shot 2011 05 17 at 10 46 04 AM

Looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook will finally be making it’s way to the UK via Carphone warehouse, with pre orders starting today. Brits will be able to get their hands on the PlayBook starting at £400 (16GB) and then £480 (32GB), or £560 (64GB). If you don’t feel like pre ordering you can pick up a PlayBook on June 16th, but we suggest you pre order to save the headache.

If for some reason you haven’t checked out our ultimate BlackBerry PlayBook review make sure you hit up the link for the review and then to pre order your PlayBook.

Source: Engadget

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The BlackBerry Torch 9800 Is Now Free On AT&T With A 2-Year Contract

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Best Buy is holding their FREE Smartphone Sales Event and the AT&T BlackBerry Torch is on the list. The Torch, in Red, White, or Black, is available for free when purchased at Best Buy with a 2-year contract agreement. If you were waiting for a price drop to get your hands on a new Torch, this is your chance. You can pick up the free Torch for free from now until the end of December either at a Best Buy store or at BestBuy.com.

Source: Pocketberry

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Pre-Order Your BlackBerry Torch from Best Buy Mobile

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Fellow Canadians the time is almost here. The BlackBerry Torch is set to launch on Sept 24 th, which only 3 weeks away! and if your dying to make sure you get your hands on a Torch then the guys over at BestBuy Mobile are going to help. Starting today you can now pre-order a Torch on any of the 4 networks that are set to launch the new BlackBerry 6 smartphone. It will cost you $49.99 will hold your place in line to ensure you get your Torch as soon as possible. Check out Best Buy’s site or give your closest store a call and ensure that you get a Torch today! Oh! dont forget if you haven’t read our revive check it out here

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