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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 Now Available

posted by Justin Lisenby at on May 14, 2013 | Leave a comment

BES 10_1 unity imageBlackBerry has announced today at BlackBerry Live 2013 that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 is now available for download. This update includes hundreds of enhancements to BES, including updates to BlackBerry Balance. This update is available for free to all existing BES customers. Check out the full Press Release on BES 10.1 below and continuing past the break.

Press Release

WATERLOO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – May 14, 2013) – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1, an update to BlackBerry’s multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that provides device and app management for BYOD and corporate-owned BlackBerry®, iOS® and Android™ devices. Today’s update brings new “Regulated-level” IT policy controls and settings for government agencies and customers in regulated industries who require an advanced level of security, control and logging of BlackBerry® 10 smartphones. It also allows customers to support BlackBerry 10 and Bla ckBerry OS smartphones from a single server.


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ISEC7 to offer BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services Globally

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BlackBerry Logo

BlackBerry has some big news that will help push the deployment of BlackBerry 10 in enterprise even farther and faster. ISEC7 has opened up their BlackBerry 10 Readiness Support Service to companies all around the world. While this doesn’t mean anything for most BlackBerry fans, it’s great news for the spread of the platform. This service is designed to help new enterprise customers get ready for BlackBerry 10 and to convince current customers to stay with BlackBerry in the transition.

Follow past the break for the full Press Release with all the information on this service.


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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Vulnerable to Attack via TIFF Images

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server Image

BlackBerry has just confirmed and released a knowledge base article concerning a recently exposed hack. This hack involves BlackBerry Enterprise Server software and is related to TIFF image access. BlackBerry has released an update to BES that patches this hole; however, many companies may not have applied this update yet and could still be at risk. If you’re involved with managing or administrating a BES server, hit the link below for all the information on this latest vulnerability.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 Service Pack 4 for Novell GroupWise Now Available

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RIM has announced that BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5, Service Pack 4 is now available for Novell GroupWise users. This update is vital to prepare for the transition to BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 when BlackBerry 10 launches. There are lots of key features in this upgrade pack, including:

  • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion integration
  • BlackBerry Balance capabilities
  • Microsoft Office 2010 attachments support
  • The ability to export data from into .CSV or .XML files for reporting and reference
  • Enhancements and stability improvements to BlackBerry Administration Service

There is some additional information about the update available on the BlackBerry for Business Blog. If you’re involved in IT with your company, be sure to check it out.

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BlackBerry 10 Makes Adding Corporate Accounts Quick and Easy

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RIM has always focused on enterprise, and with BlackBerry 10, they are just renewing that commitment. From BlackBerry Balance to the built in productivity software, BlackBerry 10 is built for businesses. RIM has also made adding corporate accounts, including email, contacts, and calendars, easier with BlackBerry 10. RIM has highlighted the improvements in a quick demo video, which can be seen above.

Source : Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog

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RIM Announces New Enterprise Product Upgrades and Partnership

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All we have been hearing lately in regards to RIM’s Enterprise product offerings has been about BES 10 and the future of BlackBerry in Enterprise. Today, RIM has shifted the focus back to the present with some announcements on the availability of Mobile Fusion Service Pack 1 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 Service Pack 4. They have also announced a new partnership with the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance to help make RIM’s Enterprise offerings flourish internationally. Read on past the break for the details of these new software releases, as well as the information on RIM’s new partnership with GEMA.


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BES, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry 7, and Mobile Fusion: What You Need to Know

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This week has been quite confusing with news of BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry 7, and Mobile Fusion. It started earlier this week with BGR posting an “exclusive” story detailing how BlackBerry 10 would essentially destroy the existing BES structure and be a huge headache for enterprise IT managers. CrackBerry, and even RIM, countered the BGR story with some posts of their own, and now we’re bringing all the news together so you can understand what is coming with the BES transition and BlackBerry 10. Follow me past the break for the full explanation.


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IBM is Reportedly Looking to Purchase RIMs Enterprise Division

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Bloomberg is reporting tonight that IBM is in communication with RIM concerning the possible purchase of their Enterprise Division. Two sources close to the situation state that IBM is looking to purchase all of RIM’s Enterprise Division, including the BlackBerry Enterprise Server network and its architecture and possibly the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Network. RIM has repeatedly stated that a sale is the least favorable option and that they are actively investigating the possible licensure of BlackBerry 10 software.

While RIM has stated they aren’t looking for an outright sale, the sell-off of the Enterprise Division would basically be just that. The Enterprise Division is what makes up the majority of modern-day Research In Motion. A sale of that division would most likely be the final death knell for RIM and the BlackBerry brand. We must keep in mind; however, that this story is only a rumor and could turn out to be completely false in the end.

Source : Bloomberg

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RIM Gets Hit with $147 Million Lawsuit Judgement

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This weekend was not kind to RIM. We saw reports of a shrinking developer base, more shareholder unrest, additional patents added to the Nokia lawsuit, and RIM lost a major lawsuit. The suit we’re talking about was brought against RIM by Mformation Technologies. This company specializes in remote mobile device management and they have won a suit claiming that RIM is infringing on their patents with BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

The technology in question involves some of the remote management features of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Mformation holds patents on many device management systems and features, some of which have cropped up in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server system. As a result, RIM has lost the lawsuit and was ordered to pay $147.2 Million in damages to Mformation. The damages in the case amount to about $8 per device that has connected to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This is a big hit for RIM, especially with the company’s funds and stock prices teetering so low. The stock is currently down 4.49% to 6.92 a share. You can read RIM’s official Press Release regarding this lawsuit after the break.


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BlackBerry OS 7 Named the Most Secure Mobile Operating System

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We all know that RIM is focused to two things, security and enterprise. The latest title they have claimed is that of the “Most Secure Mobile OS for Enterprise.” This attests to RIM’s two main strengths and reaffirms their commitment to security excellence as they move forward to BlackBerry 10. In the survey, conducted by the independent firm Trend Micro, RIM’s BlackBerry 7 rated consistently higher than iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. This is largely attributed to BES and other IT management features that are built into BlackBerry’s DNA. You can check out more details of this survey at the source link below.

Source : SC Magazine

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BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Officially Launches with Universal Device Service included

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Today, RIM has rolled out the carpet for a full-scale launch of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. They have published an official Press Release announcing it’s full availability, which you can view past the break. This full-scale launch builds on the limited launch of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion that came with the launch of PlayBook OS 2.0.

Now, support is not only available for BlackBerry-branded Smartphones and Tablets, but for iOS and Android devices as well. The latest version of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion includes Universal Device Service, the platform that will allow IT Administrators to manage all of these devices on one system. This is a big step for RIM and a great option for businesses looking to mix device brands. Read on for the Press Release.


Source : Inside BlackBerry

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RIM Details BlackBerry Mobile Fusion in New Video

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[To view this video on your BlackBerry, Click Here]

There hasn’t been a lot of fanfare around the launch of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. We heard about it a few times and RIM announced its launch the same time they launched BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. We know that currently it is an extension of BES, it manages BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBooks on the corporate network. Later this year, support for iOS and Android devices is also slated to launch with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. Take a look at the video above to check out some of the current features and uses of Mobile Fusion for BlackBerry Smartphones and Tablets.

Source : Mobile Syrup

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RIM details BlackBerry Device Service for Mobile Fusion

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We know that BlackBerry Mobile Fusion launched a few weeks ago but we haven’t had much coverage of this new service yet. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is the new Smartphone and Tablet management solution for Enterprise that allows management of not only BlackBerry Smartphones, but of the PlayBook Tablet, iOS Devices, and Android Devices.

Today, on the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog, RIM has posted some important information on BlackBerry Device Service for BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. This is the part of the service that will allow IT Administrators to manage BlackBerry PlayBooks on their company’s Mobile Fusion Servers. There is detailed discussion on BlackBerry Device Service, BlackBerry Balance, and Mobile Fusion available at the link below. If you’re interested in BlackBerry for enterprise, this is a must read.

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TheBerryFix.com Review of the Torch 9810 w/ BlackBerry 7

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Torch 9810 top side

Last September RIM came to the table with the all-new BlackBerry Torch 9800, a device that was greeted with less than stellar reviews from the tech community and consumers alike. Just under a year later RIM launched what they hoped to be a powerhouse upgrade, a new phone, a new beginning. The big question is, did the Torch 9810 live up to its hype, did RIM deliver with the new BlackBerry 7 OS and hardware accelerated graphics? Follow me after the break and find out.


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Updated: BlackBerry Services are now down across Canada, the US, and Mexico

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**Update 3: (12 Oct 3:46PM): I guess things aren’t getting better just yet. RIM just held a press conference and we are working on posting the details.*End Update*

**Update 2: (12 Oct 1:20PM): It looks like service may be returning to users in the US and Canada. Reports are beginning to roll in that users are regaining BBM and Email access. Still waiting on official confirmation from RIM that the services are coming back online. *End Update*

**Update 1 (11 Oct 11:05PM): Users in both Canada, The United States, and Mexico are now reporting BlackBerry Service outages. We have contacted and are awaiting a statement from RIM. *End Update*

We have seen the BIS and BES outages in EMEA for the past 2 days and now it seems that the outages are spreading to Canada.  Initial reports are coming in from across Canada stating that BlackBerry Services including, BBM, internet, and email are slowing down and/or going down completely for some Canadian BlackBerry users.

There’s no official word yet if this is related to the issues that are being experienced in EMEA or if this is just a random outage in Canada. If you are in Canada, be sure to check your BlackBerry Services and let us know if you are being affected. We’ll let you know if and when more develops on this issue.

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