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RIM releases stats based on PlayBook over-the-air update effectiveness and they’re impressive

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As you may know, RIM kicked of the BlackBerry Devcon in the Europe this morning with the opening keynote. While they didn’t announce the launch date for the much anticipated update to the BlackBerry PlayBook, Alec Saunders did give us a glimpse on just how well RIM’s PlayBook update system was working.

RIM said that within a month of a newly released OS for the PlayBook, 90% of owners have upgraded the latest OS, a stat that definitely gives developers a confidence boost. By having such a large number of users updating so quickly, developers won’t have to worry about compatibly as much with older operating systems. Keep it locked to TheBerryFix.com to get all the info from BlackBerry Devcon Europe.

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CES 2012 day 2 news roundup

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And we are officially onto yet another day at CES 2012, but before we continue I’ll take a minuet to recap yesterdays news. Yesterday RIM officially demoed the new PlayBook operating system, version 2.0. Along with a demonstration of the new BlackBerry remote feature that you’ll find with the latest version of the BlackBerry Bridge application.

CES 2012 day 2

Keep your browser locked to TheBerryFix.com as we dive into the third day at CES 2012.

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BlackBerry 10 OS to be shown off at Mobile World Congress in Febuary

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As we approach the release date of the BlackBerry 10/PlayBook 2.0 Operating System, the rumors are bound to begin flying, and the latest one doesn’t seem far from the truth. Pocket-lint is hearing that RIM will be in Barcelona, Spain during this years Mobile World Congress in February to demonstrate the power of the BlackBerry 10 Operating System. One thing to note is that there will probably not be any BlackBerry 10 devices on hand and it will be more videos and candid on stage demos.

This doesn’t stray to far from the information we’ve been receiving, though from the rumors it looks as though RIM might demo the new OS for the PlayBook later next week at CES.

Source : Pocket-lint

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BlackBerry sponsoring Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2012

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It’s no secret that RIM is losing market share and popularity very rapidly in the United States. Until now, RIM hasn’t seemed to care or realize how much bearing US market share has on a company’s worth. On the Q3 financial call, RIM made a commitment to step up their marketing in the US and they are doing that big time with their latest announcement. BlackBerry is the sponsor for the biggest, televised, New Year’s Eve party in the world. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest will be brought to you by BlackBerry this year.

This is always a huge show with big musical acts, celebrity guests, and of course, a huge audience. This type of sponsorship will go far in getting the BlackBerry name back out there in the US. But how will it be seen by the millions of Americans that watch the show. Will they see it as good advertising and a good move for the brand, or will they see it as a waste of money that RIM should be spending to make BlackBerry 10 devices available sooner? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Source : Inside BlackBerry

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BlackBerry Torch 10000: 5-digit numbering for next-generation BlackBerry Devices?

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Most of the recent BlackBerry Devices go by two names, the model name such as Bold, Torch, or Curve, and the model number like 9900 or 9810. There has been much speculation as to what RIM would be doing with BlackBerry 10 device names and numbers. Today we may have some of the answer, and believe it or not, it makes perfect sense. In Asurion’s, a wireless device insurer, database is a listing for the BlackBerry Torch 10,000.

What does this mean exactly? Right now it doesn’t mean a whole lot, especially since the first BlackBerry 10 device isin’t slated till late 2012. However, it does give us a clue to where RIM may be going with the new QNX-based BlackBerry line. With the next-gen platform being called BlackBerry 10, it would make sense to go to the 5 digit numbering system. The 10 signifies it is BlackBerry 10 and the three digits past that are the model number. There’s not much more to go on right now, so let the speculation begin!

Source : PocketNow

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Takeaways from RIM’s Q3 2012 Earnings call: BlackBerry 10, Co-CEO’s, and Marketing

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RIM hosted their earnings call for Fiscal Quarter 3 of 2012 this afternoon. You can view the detailed press release here and you can check out some of the biggest takeaways from the call in the list below. I hate to say it, but the majority of the news from this earnings report was bad news for RIM. Here are the biggest takeaways:

  • BlackBerry 10 – Originally slated for an early 2012 launch, the Co-CEO’s announced today that the first BlackBerry 10 devices would be rolling out in the last part of the calendar of 2012. This means we won’t see the first one till at least July, but most likely September or later.
  • 4G LTE – It was confirmed that the coming BlackBerry 10 phones will feature cutting-edge 4G LTE chips that won’t even be available till mid-2012. This is the reason RIM cited for the delay till late-2012.
  • Co-CEO salaries – Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis confirmed tonight that they plan to reduce their yearly CEO salaries to $1. This comes in the face of poor earnings and multiple calls for ousting of the Co-CEO’s. This move should sit well with investors, showing that Mike and Jim are committed to getting RIM back on track.
  • BlackBerry 10 marketing – RIM confirmed that the US market is quickly slipping from them and they are planning to make a huge push to gain some of it back. They are planning an extensive marketing program for BlackBerry 10 throughout 2012 leading up to the launch later in the year.

So, those are the largest takeaways from the earnings call. We also know that RIM earned $5.2 Billion with 150,000 PlayBooks and 14.1 Million smartphones this quarter. Based on the guidance for Q4 2012, RIM is expecting to ship a smaller number of devices due to BlackBerry 7 being the only available option up until late-2012. Now that you’ve seen these points and seen the results and future guidance, how are you feeling about RIM’s future? Let us know in the comments.

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RIM to report Q3 2012 Financial Results today at 5 PM EST

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Research in Motion is set to report on their earnings from the previous quarter, Q3 2012, this afternoon at 5 PM EST. We got a little preview of the earnings a few weeks back when RIM released their huge PlayBook devaluation. The earnings are set to once again be lower than expected as RIM tries to overcome a surging smartphone market and a crashing BlackBerry stock price. You can register at the link below if you want to listen in to the call or you can check back here afterwards for a summary.

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Sprint tossing the PlayBook back on sale for $199 after the holidays

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While we saw the PlayBook sales come and go, we knew it wouldn’t be long until they came back. As per this leaked document from Sprint it looks as though they will be offer the PlayBook for the low price of $199 for the 16gb model.  The sale us supposed to kick of on December 26th and run until January 7th 2012, which in my mind is just enough time to get your hands on one.

Source : SprintFeed

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Check out Highlights from the BlackBerry DevCon Asia Keynote

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[To view this videon on your BlackBerry, Click Here]

RIM has just uploaded a video to their BlackBerry YouTube channel that shows some of the highlights from the DevCon Asia 2011 Keynote. It has a lot of the same stuff from the Americas keynote earlier this year, but it also has the official unveil of the BlackBerry 10 brand name. If you missed the Americas keynote or you’re just a diehard BlackBerry fan, you can check out the whole video. If you just want to see the BlackBerry 10 unveil, you’ll only need to see the first 30 seconds. Enjoy!

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RIM drops BBX for Next-gen BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry 10 is now the official name

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For those that don’t know, RIM is hosting a little conference called DevCon Asia right now in Singapore. At that conference, RIM has just made big news announcing that the next-generation OS for BlackBerry devices will NOT be going by the name “BBX.” Instead, BlackBerry 10 is the new name for the next-gen, QNX-based BlackBerry operating system coming in 2012.

This name change stems from lawsuits RIM is under from a company called BASIS, who owns the trademark for the name BBx. The US Federal Court system has barred RIM from using BBX and there is a press release detailing this ruling after the break. So what do you think, BerryFix nation? Do you like the name “BlackBerry 10?”

Press Release

US Federal Court Bars RIM (BlackBerry) from Using BASIS’ BBX Trademark

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The United States Federal Court in Albuquerque today granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Research in Motion (RIM), immediately barring RIM from using BASIS International Ltd.’s incontestable federally registered BBX trademark at RIM’s Asian DevCon on December 7-8 in Singapore.


Source : CrackBerry

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TheBerryFix.com Weekly Recap

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RIM’s 2012 BBX BlackBerry Device Roadmap gets previewed

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Up until now, BBX devices have been just a guessing game. We have heard bits and pieces of rumors and have a pretty good idea that the first BBX phone will be a full-touchscreen device, but little else to go on. Now, Kevin from Crackberry, has come out with an unofficial preview of what to expect from Research in Motion’s BBX device line in 2012.

First up is the BlackBerry London which goes by the codename “RO72”. This is the full-touchscreen BBX device that we have already seen a photo of. This is the device that is set to launch BBX to the masses, and it’s shaping up to be a nice one. We are currently hearing that BBX software, and possibly an early prototype of the London, will be shown off by RIM at CES. We are thinking that device will launch in the May-June timeframe, but Kevin’s going with March 13. We’ll see which date ends up panning out. Follow us past the break for a look at some of the other BBX devices we can expect to see in 2012.


Source : CrackBerry

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Search for and Book hotels using HRS Hotel app on the BlackBerry PlayBook

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HRS Hotel app PlayBook

While I must admit there are a ton of games that utilize the stellar hardware found in the BlackBerry PlayBook, but what about useful apps ? I’ve found that apps are still something thats lacking on this tablet, but I did want to point out one that I’ve found to be noticeably useful while traveling. Being an online journalist (or blogger as we are known) I do a considerable about of traveling, and while there are a few apps on BlackBerry phones that help, there aren’t any that match the functionality of HRS app for the PlayBook.

HRS for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a Hotel search and booking application. Not only does it use the GPS found in the device to pin point your location it also allows you to enter in search criteria to further refine the hotels in your area. HRS can be found in BlackBerry app world by searching for “HRS”, or grab the handy link I’ve placed below this post to check it out. Let us know if you’ve found any hand apps that have made your day better.

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Best Buy comments to PlayBook order cancelations and removal from their online store

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard the rumors circulating around the web that Best Buy America has axed the PlayBook from their online web store. While this is true, there are reasons. Earlier today the media team from Best Buy sent over a statement regarding their reasoning behind pulling RIMs tablet from their site.

I understand you had a few questions about the BlackBerry PlayBook and I wanted to provide you some clarity. Starting Sunday, November 20th, Best Buy offered $300 instant savings to the BlackBerry PlayBook, reducing the price to $299.99 and $199.99 for the 32 GB and 16 GB, respectively. Customers have responded very positively to this short-term promotion available until Dec. 3 and, as a result, we are currently sold out of our inventory. We will have additional units available in the near future, at which time customers will be able to purchase the devices online at www.bestbuy.com. Let me know if you have any questions.

So there you have it BlackBerry peeps, while Best Buy has pulled the PlayBook from their site, it’s because the tablet is selling quite well and they have plans to offer it again online once they can fulfill their current shipments.

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TheBerryFix.com Weekly Recap

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