Sprint Will Not Offer the BlackBerry Z10 On Their Network

posted by Justin Lisenby at on Mar 4, 2013 | Comments

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Sprint has confirmed that they will not be offering the first BlackBerry 10 device, the Z10, on their network. While the other 3 top US-based carriers have plans to give BB10 a go sometime later this month, Sprint will not be launching it. They do, however,  plan to launch the QWERTY-keyboard equipped BlackBerry Q10 later this year when it hits US shores.

There’s no explanation why they won’t offer the Z10, other than this cryptic statement from a company spokesperson, Mark Elliot: “We aren’t saying there’s anything different about our customers,” Elliott said. “We think our customers will be happy with the qwerty keyboard and touch screen on the Q10.” This could mean that Sprint feels their customer base wants a keyboard phone, or possibly, they don’t have the faith in BlackBerry 10 that other carriers seem to show. It’s most likely that they are passing on the Z10 because they are having some issues with iPhone sales numbers, and adding another touchscreen to the lineup could increase those issues.

Source : Bloomberg

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Justin Lisenby
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