RIM Acquires Gist

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RIM has acquired Gist, a contact management utility. Gist is a company that takes your contacts from all your email inboxes and social networks and aggregates them into one super list. Then Gist will take that superlist and rank the contacts according to the amount of information they consistently provide and how often you interact with them. This acquisition will only bring great things to the native BlackBerry contacts application. Hopefully RIM will be using Gist to integrate a more user friendly and easily manageable contacts application into BlackBerry. Another possible use of Gist could be in the further combination of all your inboxes including your email, SMS, and social networks. Only time will tell, but this acquisition, along with the others that RIM has been making lately, should bring some amazing new features and functionality to the BlackBerry platform. Welcome to the family, Gist.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

Justin Lisenby
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Justin Lisenby
Justin Lisenby
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