New Launch Details for the BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider on ATT

posted by Justin Lisenby at on May 26, 2010 | Comments

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Earlier this month one of BGR’s sources at RIM gave them information saying that AT&T would be the exclusive carrier in the U.S for the BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider and it would indeed be out in June of this year. Today one of our connects, who for some reason wants to go by PrincesPowerful, gave us information that also leads to a June launch with AT&T having an exclusive on the Bold 9800 Slider for 3 months. So could two different sources be wrong? Possible but not likely, so are you going to switch to AT&T just for the 9800?

Justin Lisenby
Justin Lisenby started out writing for TheBerryFix back in 2009. He was already an avid BlackBerry fan and his knowledge only grew as he started writing for the site. He moved up quickly in both BlackBerry knowledge and editorial prowess, and quickly moved up to Senior Editor. In 2012, Justin was elevated to Editor-In-Chief of TheBerryFix and he now runs the operations, while still writing and editing for the site.
Justin Lisenby
Justin Lisenby
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  1. JIM says:

    any word on the price?

    1. Zach says:

      no Price yet

  2. Martin says:

    Cdma? So here in canada bell and telus could release it on cdma network?!

    1. Zach says:

      there is currently no carrier information for canada, it’ll prob be on HSAP networks one would asume.

  3. ljp says:

    I’ll be grabbing this as soon as it’s available in Canada. Sasktel is launching their HSPA network(with Telus and Bell partnerships in tow) on July 1st so hopefully the June launch is true.

  4. Mr S says:

    Won’t be switching, but I will be buying and unlocking for T-Mo

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  6. anonymous-x says:

    I will not switch, I will wait for T-mobile, only having the thought I will be able to make wi/fi calls. Isn’t that what Rim is all about? There are many who need this to be a reality.