(Updated) Netflix has “No current plans to support BlackBerry devices, including PlayBook”

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*Update: Netflix has responded to the BlackBerry users requests for BlackBerry Support. You can find the post with all the information HERE.*

Netflix made official last night what many BlackBerry users have feared. Netflix has “No current plans to support BlackBerry devices, incluing(sic) the PlayBook.” This Tweet by @Netflixhelps comes in response to a massive influx of Tweets from BlackBerry users asking when the PlayBook will gain Netflix support. This means that all BlackBerry Smartphone and PlayBook users will have to either watch their Netflix movies and TV shows on their computers or some other mobile device that doesn’t bear the BlackBerry name.

Many BlackBerry users have become enraged by Netflix’s response, often Tweeting or writing derogatory or hateful messages to Netflix. We ask you, our BerryFix readers, please don’t be hateful in your emails and Tweets to corporations. Hateful speech only makes our community look bad, it does nothing for our cause. Instead of a hateful response, write or Tweet kindly that you know Netflix has currently made this decision, but you would ask that they reconsider. And if you can live without your Netflix subscription, especially if you can get that content from somewhere else, cancel your subscription. Having thousands and thousands of BlackBerry users canceling at one time would send a bigger message to the company than all those hateful Tweets and Emails.

Via: The Verge

Justin Lisenby
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Justin Lisenby
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