Miner Diary is a fun and free game for BlackBerry PlayBook

posted by Justin Lisenby at on Feb 28, 2012 | Comments

Miner Diary by MMMOOO is a PlayBook game that I hadn’t heard anyone talking about yet. I stumbled across it while searching through App World, and since it was free, decided to try it out. I was blown away by how easy the game is to play, but how hard it is to get a perfect score. The object of the game is simple, you’re the miner and your goal is to collect the most valuable gemstones and rocks within the time limit. You just tap the screen to launch the grapple hook and grab the gemstones from the mine. This is one of the funnest, free games I have tried on the PlayBook and it comes highly recommended.

Justin Lisenby
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Justin Lisenby
Justin Lisenby
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