Exclusive BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider Photos

posted by Zach Gilbert at on May 23, 2010 | Comments

**Photos Removed Per Request

Is this not a nice way to finish off an excellent week? We have some exclusive BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider photos for everyone to drool over but just make sure you watch your keyboard. Check out a whole bunch of photos after the break and keep an eye out on for more info on the brand new BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider.

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  1. tyler says:

    When can I get this? Is it going to be on T-mobile?

  2. ifonephag says:

    You know, Tmo is the only carrier I’ve not heard rumored as getting this handset. First it was Verizon, then Sprint, now ATT. If RIM was wise they’d not make this an exclusive handset and give it to every carrier, that would ensure Rim keeps their foothold on the US Smartphone Marketshare. Giving every consumer, or company with any carrier the option of next generation touchscreen yet qwerty handsets I think everyone who currently loves their BB keyboard would move to this phone insted of an Android, WebOS, or iPhag. Heres to hoping RIM has the smarts to cling onto that lead they already have.

  3. BB4ever says:

    This looks cool

  4. smart_user says:

    Too bad about the low res screen. Still a good phone for suits.

  5. Zach says:

    from what I have been told the screen is extremely crisp and clear.

  6. Vinny says:

    If T-Mobile does not pick this up II will be leaving for a new carrier. Been with T-Mobile with my last two blackberries but will go elsewhere if I have to. Not picking up this device is bull sh–. There are rumors that they are not picking up the new Pearl and now this, forget about it I’m as good as gone.

  7. jastep says:

    t-mobile may not be picking it up right now but im thinking that the trend may fall into place as it did with the 9700. t-mobile had it first then att. so we may get it on t mo but either way i have called in to confirm if they support unlocked phones and who would’ve guessed t-mobile was so cool. they do support unlocked phones so ill be getting this phone either way

  8. Neil says:

    This is a bold, and every bold has been on AT&T, so plan for this to hit AT&T. The only Bold that CDMA carries got is the Tour and that only just became a Bold with the 9650. AT&T – definitely, Cincinnati Bell – probably, T mobile- probably, Verizon – doubtful, Sprint – doubtful.

    Even if it does not hit your carrier, unlock the thing and don’t worry about who gets it.

  9. crikey johnston says:

    does it have tabbed browsing?

    1. Zach says:

      Yes all BlackBerry 6 devices will have the new webkit browser which has tabbed browsing.

  10. Brian says:

    T-Mobile WILL be the one to carry this exclusive for 6 months!!

    1. Zach says:

      The exclusive carrier will be AT&T, now there is now word on how long the exclusive will last.

  11. FreddyE says:

    The new webkit browser will have tabbed browsing. I believe the last picture shows the tabbed browsing functionality. The + sign indicating where to open up a new tab.

  12. Ninja9 says:

    Tmo will almost definitely NOT be an exclusive carrier for this phone, seeing as RIM the waterloo based company has a preexisting exclusivity contract with Rogers within Canada, which just so happens to be using the same bands as AT&T. I am fairly sure this is because Rogers had HSDPA (IMOHO the only 3g choice) when bell and telus were left with their crawling EV-DO network. RIM is a Canadian company and therefor looks at the market here first and the us second. Fortunately both Rogers and AT&T have fallowed very similar development paths which has worked out quite well. AT&T just needs to get this HSPA+ 21mpbs on the go. Still not sure why Rogers has yet to announce all the areas it is available in. i’ll tell you right now i do NOT live in one of the 5 city’s that has it yet i use it almost daily on my ZTE Rocket stick. Don’t be shocked if this turns out to be a 4g sleeper. i wouldn’t be.

  13. Rim_sucks says:

    Another POS phone from RIM. Anyone looking to buy a RIM phone is a fool. Nice try with the storm RIM, but it’s crap, as are all of your devices when compared to modern smartphones. Iphone/Android OSs beat you like a redheaded stepchild. Please go away with Windows Mobile 7 into the 90s, thanks.

    1. Kennedy says:

      Rim has a huge marketshare! how can you be so stupid to say those comments. bud.

    2. Glen says:

      Must be alot of fools out there, considering the blackberry is the world’s number 1 selling smartphone

  14. David says:

    but looks pretty big in pics /:)
    some side-by-side with another BB will be nice

  15. PeterVT says:

    You can see on one of the photos, this phone is running on the Telus network. In previous photos I have seen it also running on the Rogers network.

  16. Jennifer says:

    So ready for this to come out! I am with Verizon and I have an upgrade in July so I CANNOT WAIT for this to come out!

  17. jrejor says:

    as long as the pearl stays gone…. i’m happy.

  18. Donny says:

    You obviously don’t live in Canada do you?!!

    Bell & Telus aslo now have an HSPA network along with their EVDO network; and have since October 2009.

    The Bold 9000 & 9700 are available from Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, and Telus Mobility; the latter two since October 2009.

    Do your research before posting, please.

    NOTE: Telus & Bell Mobility only offer 3G on the HSPA network (no GPRS/EDGE).

  19. mackpee says:

    Great looking phone & the only phone I’ll be replacing my Bold 9000 with.
    Touch & qwerty with slide form factor, good size mobile for big hands.
    Has everything looking for in a mob & its Blackberry.
    Just got to wait til it comes Down Under to the OZ tho.
    The wait will be worth it.

  20. Black Ice says:

    I think it’s ugly! And yes I too believe RIM needs to get it’s act together and solve it’s memory problems and stop blaming the people who make 3rd party apps with that lame excuse of memory leaks or else they may loose me too as a customer.

  21. anonymous-x says:

    T-mobile is a trusting site, if TMO does not get the 9800 there must be a very big reason for this.

  22. Simoz says:

    Anyone know if and when we looking at getting this ? Still on the storm 1 not a bad phone but really wanting something better now ….. Hoping it comes down under!

  23. saul says:

    really cool but looks quite big. Need to make it smaller-but bigger than palm pre

  24. nya2003 says: more butt dialing? my friends will finally respect me.

  25. Silverface says:

    I think it looks big mostly because of the slide-out KB. I like the way this increases screen size – pics and videos on the 9700 are little tough when it comes to details. The combo of large screen size and slideout KB makes perfect sense – and I’m a business user. If the Storm apps work with it (many of which I really miss on the Bold) I’ll likely get one eventually.

    I just went from a Storm to 9700 Bold, and I’d take the Storm any day. I may be in the minority, but I liked the surepress system and the solid screen – mine was dropped 200 times and only the case was scratched. The Bold’s KB is OK but IMO the raised corners of the keys being arranged in a mirror-image format is terrible. If they all faced the same way it’d be 500% easier to type on; I’ve only had it 10 days but I doubt I’ll ever get used to the centrally-located key – I *have* to look at the KB very carefully to figure out where the heck I am.

  26. fryrice says:

    The only reason why RIM has a big market share over the other smartphone competitors is because majority of the users are old Blackberry users in the corporate world. The IT department of a lot of companies uses only Blackberry devices because of the security and remote wipe from a BES. I do agree with many of you that it should be put to almost every GSM provider including TMO here in the US. But then how will companies profit? (ATT)