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I’ve always been quite picky about the kind of BlackBerry themes that I keep on my Torch, of course I test lots of them out but only a few stay on my device as regular daily use themes.  Captivated is the newest release by Vision Mobility and I have to say that I am quite impressed and will be keeping this one around for a long time.  The first thing I noticed about Captivated is that it’s been meticulously designed to be incredibly crisp and clean.  While packing in a ton of features it never feels crowded or cluttered, on top of that the developer let me know that this theme has been completely hand coded and it shows in the responsiveness on my phone.  Efficient coding is a big deal to me on BlackBerry Torch Themes due to the fact that too much code can very quickly make the Torch quite laggy and slow.

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The developer has obviously taken the time to cover the details on Captivated, including a full landscape view on both the Torch and Storm(OS 5.0 only) versions that is not just a simpler version but embodies all the features of the portrait view.  On top of the landscape view the 9800 version has full trackpad support as well(a feature I know is important to many Torch users).

Captivated basically has 3 different configurations for the home screen, a wallpaper friendly view that shows no icons, a bottom dock view (4 icons on the touch devices and 6 on non touch devices), and a today view that has more user defined icons as well as some today entries and a spot to show your BerryWeather forecast.

Captivated is currently available for these models and OS versions: 9800,9780,9650/9700(OS 5 and 6),9630(OS 5.0),8900(OS 5.0)

The developer let me know that support for the 8350i/8520/8530/9330 will be coming in the next few days as well.

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