BlackBerry Storm 3 Canceled? New Evidence Proves Otherwise

posted by Zach Gilbert at on Oct 15, 2010 | Comments

Just last week some rumors poped up saying that the BlackBerry Storm 3 was canceled not just on Verizon but the project as a whole, Well new evidence has appeared on twitter proving otherwise. Twitter user @jtvd76 has posted an image from the CelleBrite system which is used in many cellular stores as a secure way of transferring your personal data from one device to another showing a BlackBerry Storm 9570. Now depending on if the project was canceled and how far along the device was to production this could have been loaded up and will soon to be taken of the system. We shall wait and see as the first rumor pointed to a October/November launch on Verizon which isn’t to far away.

Source: Twitter user @jtvd76

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