BlackBerry PlayBook Games: Qrossfire(Potential Addiction Warning)

posted by Jake at on Jun 17, 2011 | Comments

Addicting games for the BlackBerry PlayBook TabletI have picked up quite a few games for my BlackBerry PlayBook, a few paid ones and a whole bunch of free ones.  There have been a few that have drug me in for a day or two but then the new wore off and I was bored again looking for something new.  I bought Qrossfire 2 weeks ago and I don’t think I have gone a day without playing it yet, so as the title of this article mentions beware of addiction.

Qrossfire can be found in App World for a mere $0.99 and in my opinion would easily be worth $3-5 without question.  The graphics are nothing spectacular but there’s an obvious attention to detail that you can notice in little things like the icon(crappy icons are a particular pet peeve of mine).  Looking at the images above you might think this is just a typical puzzle or bubble popper type of game but it’s actually very unique in the way the rows move.  It reminds me of a Rubik’s Cube, you can only move the blocks vertically or horizontally in their row but you may move them either one space or all the way to the other side.  Getting a 4 block combination will reward you with a little bomb, and getting a 5 block combination will reward you with a little flame that torches a both the vertical and horizontal row it’s in.  There’s even more depth to it than that but you’ll have to get it and see for yourself.

The last thing that I’ll mention is that this game has one thing that every mobile game should have and that’s a global scoreboard.  This is something that definitely keeps me more interested in a game because I can see how my achievements pair up against the rest of the world.  Qrossfire tracks daily and all time scores for each of the 3 difficulty levels, so hopefully I’ll be seeing you on the scoreboard soon(Good luck on the “insane” difficulty level).

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