BlackBerry OS 10 Full Walkthrough and Z10 Pricing Revealed

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BlackBerry OS 10 walktrhough photos

RIM has kept a pretty tight lid on the final release details of BlackBerry OS 10 and the first BlackBerry 10 phone, the Z10. Today, BGR has not only learned some details on Z10 pricing, they have also set up a full walkthrough of all the apps, features, and screens that BlackBerry OS 10 has to offer. Pricing of the Z10 is made to be better than competitive. RIM is looking to bring the Z10 to market under the current market standard of $199. The rumor is that a $149 contract price is what you’ll be looking at upon release, possibly lower depending on your carrier.

There is a full walkthrough of all the screens, apps, and features of BlackBerry 10, including setup, BlackBerry Maps, NFC functionality, and even the calculator. The gallery totals 100 images and is available for viewing over at BGR by clicking the link below. With only 9 short days until BlackBerry 10 is fully revealed to the world, these images and details are likely the last bit of information we will be seeing until the full reveal by RIM.


  • Check out the full BlackBerry OS 10 Walkthrough at BGR


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Justin Lisenby
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